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How to Run Paid TikTok Ads

Hi, Power Move makers! When you hear the words “TikTok” what comes to mind? For some it might be “On the clock, yeah the party don't stop” -an old song by Kesha, or “tiktok tiktok” the sound a clock makes. Although Kesha’s song was a total hit and a clock does make that sound, we are talking about a new kind of TikTok. A TikTok that is very popular, relatively new, and highly addictive.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a short-form, video sharing app that allows users to create and share 15 or 60second videos, on any topic. TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. The app’s popularity has skyrocketed since its release date in 2016. Today, TikTok has over 800 million active users worldwide.

An International Audience

TikTok has an international audience, which is unlike any other social media network. Originating in China, Tiktok is now available in 141 countries and has a current 4.5 star rating. India has the most TikTok users, and other countries such as Pakistan, Mexico, Russia, and the US have millions and millions of people on this social media network.

TikTok Target Audience

Generation Z has the largest viewership of TikTok. About 60% of TikTok’s active users in the United States are between the ages of 16 and 24. If your brand’s target market falls under Generation Z then a TikTok advertisement can prove to be a great investment for your brand.

It doesn't stop there though.

Marketing Charts TikTok data finds that a quarter of the US TikTok users are ages 45-64. TIkTok’s appeal, therefore, is not only limited to Generation Z.

Now, since TikTok is acquiring force outside of just the Gen Z circle, advertisers are beginning to build up their TikTok advertising strategy. The question is though, where does one even get started with advertising? Do not worry, we have the answers for you!

Advertising on TikTok

Advertising on TikTok will help brands reach tons of people. TikTok has two roads to take when it comes to deciding how to create an advertisement. Depending on the type of ad your brand is trying to run, you will either need to speak to an ad manager or use the platform's self service function.

Let's explore the different ad options TikTok has to offer.

Pick Your Ad Option

TikTok has multiple options for paid advertising.

TopView Ads

A TopView advertisement appears as soon as a user clicks on the TikTok application. This video first format presents your brand up to 60 seconds and captures the user's full attention with sight, sound, and narrative.

Brand Takeover

Brand takeovers are 3-5 second long video ads that pop up as soon as someone opens the app. When the app first launched, these advertisements immediately start playing and users have to press “skip ad” or start scrolling down to exit the ad. These ads will also show up in your “for you feed”. In addition, advertisers can include a clickable website link or hashtag in these ads.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

The branded hashtag challenge is when a brand asks TikTok users to create a video to post to their own TikTok, using specific hashtags. This is a one of a kind engagement format that taps into user passion for creation and expression. These ads are placed on the discovery page and if one clicks on the hashtag, it will lead to a collection of all the TikToks from the same challenge.

Branded Effects

Branded effects are tailor-made sharable stickers, filters, and special effects that users can add to their own video posts. With this type of ad, brands have the ability to unleash their creativity and watch its popularity grow.

In-Feed Video Ads

In-feed video ads are short videos that appear in a user’s “For You” page. In-feed ads look very similar to a typical TikTok video, so they blend into one's feed naturally. With these ads, users can like, share, follow, and shoot videos with the same music.

The only ad that does not require a TikTok ad manager is an in-feed video ad. These advertisements can be done completely through self-service. Let's walk through the process of what it would be like to create this ad.

Create Your Account

Before you can launch your first ad, you will need to create an account. First, get started from the TIkTok for business web page. Here you will follow the steps to help get your TikTok advertising account started.

Once you put in the necessary information to create your account, it is time to start creating your campaign. This step, along with selecting an ad group must be done before you can post your advertisement to TikTok.

Create a Campaign

Creating a campaign is simple. Locate and click the campaign tab at the top of your TikTok for Business screen. When opened, click on the word “create”. After clicking create, you will then need to pick your objective. There are three objective options being: awareness, consideration, and conversion. Depending on what your marketing goal is, you will choose one of these options.

After this process, you have created your campaign. TikTok will keep moving you along the process to the ad group section.

Create an Ad Group

Here are the steps to take in order to create an ad group:

1. Choose your placement. In this section you can choose where you want your ad to be placed. There are two options, one being automatic placement, and the other being select placement. If this is your first ad, auto placement will be the easiest route to go.

2. It is now time to choose your promotion type, URL, display name, and profile picture. In this step you can also decide if you want to allow other TikTok users to comment and download your advertisements to their devices.

3. Choose if you want to use TikTok’s automated creative optimization. This a tool that TikTok has provided for its business accounts that builds ads using your own content and then continually tests them for you.

4. Pick your target market. Your audience can be targeted based on demographics, interests, and behavior.

5. Create your budget and schedule. You can choose from a daily or lifetime budget and when to have your ads scheduled for.

6. Set up your bidding and optimization. This is an important part of the overall ad creation process. Here are the methods explained more in depth.

7. It's time to finally create your ad.

Create Your Ad

  1. Upload your ad creative. TIkTok will help bring your idea to life if it all fits in with their ad creative guidelines.

  2. Fill in your ad text and call to action

  3. Press submit and your new campaign will be sent off to be reviewed.

The process of finally creating your ad is simple, fun, and easy if you are on TikTok’s web page. For any more information about this process visit TikTok’s business help center .

TikTok’s rise in popularity has made it one of the hottest apps over the last few years. Every day millions and millions of users log into their accounts and engage with content on their feed. With these steps you are now equipped to make POWER MOVES-hyperlink in TikTok advertising.

Author: Chloe Simon

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