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Let's Make a Vision Board

Hey Power Move Makers! Why do you wake up every day? What inspires you to reach your goals? Who holds you accountable? Where do you keep track of your life? Today we are here to help you answer these questions with two words: vision board.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of your dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. These boards hold the dreams and aspirations of what people want to be and accomplish in their future.

Vision boards are fun and the process of making a board helps plants your goals and intentions in your head and sends them out into the universe. Referring back to one's vision board helps to ensure that you are continuing to move towards your dreams and goals both consciously and unconsciously.

How to create a Vision board:

Gather your materials:

  • Poster Board

  • Magazines

  • Other images (books, printouts, artwork, signs)

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Paper

  • Pens and Pencils

  • Markers

  • Miscellaneous: it is your board… use whatever YOU want.

The Process

Tip #1: make it your own process. Vision boards are fun and creative so do whatever makes you happy. Here are some suggestions to help keep you organized:

1. Set and organize your goals.

Sit down. Take a breath. Think.

Take a pen and paper and write down what your goals are for this year or season. Write about your big goals and your little goals. Allow yourself to write freely about anything you wish to get better at or accomplish. Write out all the things you can think off. Next, review all of your thoughts on the paper and figure out what is most important to you. Circle them. The things you want above all else give them first priority on your board.

2. Create a Structure

Divide your board into like sections. For example, you can have different sections that read: Family, Career, Health, Travel, Etc. By doing this, it can allow your mind to be at ease when trying to group like goals together. Assign each section a color- its for the aesthetic.

3. Write your goals on the board

After you have your structure complete, write your dreams and goals down in their corresponding section. Be as crazy and messy as you want- it will get covered up with images in the next step. By writing down your goals it helps you focus on what images to search for.

4. Collect your images

This might be the best step. Grab all your magazines, books, cards, printouts, etc and get to cutting. Seek images and words that compliment your goals or just call your name. These images or words will be seen on your board so make sure you pick your most favorite things.

5. Sort your clippings

After you have completed your chopping spree, sort through all your clippings. Set your poster in front of you and decide which images and words belong on your board. Make piles of your clipping that go together and throw out ones that didn't quite make the cut.

6. Create your board.

Narrow down your images and place them wherever your heart desires. Trim and edit your clippings to your liking and glue them down. Start with bigger images as the base layer and add smaller words or images on top.

7. Add your own touch

Add any words or drawings of your own. Remember this is YOUR board. YOU are the designer. Go crazy!

8. Hang it up

Display your vision board in the place where you will see it every day. If you want you can mod podge it or get it laminated so it can't get damaged. Creating the board is great but seeing the board daily is better.

9. Manifest it

Look at your board every day and take the time to review it and manifest your dreams and goals. Be mindful. Think and speak your goals into existence.

10. Pass it along.

Help others create their vision board. We are only as powerful as the people we surround ourselves with. Create an environment of go getters and goal chasers.

Now that you have all the tools, get started on your own vision board! It’s a great reminder to keep you grounded through all the twists and turns of life so you can stay focused on your goals!

Author: Chloe Simon

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