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Power Move Women in Business Search

earn $5,000 for your small business!


Making Our Biggest Power Move Yet...

The Power Move Women in Business Search was born from our passion to help female entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. The number one reason businesses fail is lack of capital, so we decided to give one lucky female business owner $5,000 to help take their business to the next level. Our goal is to, not only help the business owner financially, but to help them raise awareness for their business and create an uplifting community around them. At PMM, we have worked immensely hard to create a supportive community where women in business feel empowered and inspired to reach their fullest potential and we are excited to expand that Power Move community! By posting about you and your business enthusiastically and often, you can further show us why you and your business should be selected!

Fill out the formal application

Take time to thoughtfully fill out our 20 question application! To qualify to apply, you need to be a 18 or older, be a woman and/or identify as such, have a legal business, be a US citizen with the business based in the US, and have yearly revenue under 5 million dollars!

Submit a 60 second video

Record a 60-second video of yourself explaining who you are, what your business is, and why you should receive the fund! Make sure to upload the video to Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram or another platform similar to those and submit the URL on your application. Videos over 60 seconds will not be reviewed and 1x1 aspect ratio preferred.

Participate in Power Move Mondays

Increase your chances by posting your video on Instagram and tagging @powermovemarketing @haileybrooke8 with #pmmsearch21 and participating in our weekly social media callbacks so we can get to know you and your company better!


The hardest part! Submit your required materials and follow along via email or social media to see if you are selected as a finalist! Applications will close Novemeber 15, 2021, Finalists will be selected December 1, 2021, and the winner will be selected on December 15, 2021. The number of Finalists is not predetermined but there will only be one winner.


Help us choose the right business by participating in our Power Move Mondays! 60 seconds is not a long time to get to know you or your business, which is why we give business owners an opportunity every week to get to know more about them. On Power Move Monday, we will announce challenges, prompts, and/or fun assignments in which you can participate on Instagram. You will get an email about these every Monday and will also be able to check our social media accounts to see what they are! Think of these weekly prompts as your interview callbacks! The more you participate, the better we’ll be able to get to know you and your business. When you participate on Instagram, just be sure to tag @powermovemarketing and @haileybrooke8, as well as use the #pmmsearch21, so that we can be sure we see your post. Fridays will be when we will be highlighting some of our favorite content from the week across our social media platforms! You do not need to participate in every single Power Move Monday for us to learn more about you though! Participate in the prompts that resonate the most with you so we can get the most authentic understanding of you and your business. If Power Move Mondays are not your thing, feel free to tag us in any posts or news about you or your business so we can continue to learn!

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How do I know if my application went through?

You will immediatly see a screen indicating your application has been submitted and you will get an email from us. Be sure to check the email because it has valuable information about the process. We will not accept applications that are not properly submitted or do not have a video.


Does participating in Power Move Monday every week increase my chances of winning?

Power Move Monday gives our team the opportunity to get to know you and your business better which can absolutely increase your chances of winning! The participation alone is not what increases your chances though, it is the valuable information that we learn about you that does! You can tag us in any information, news, or posts about your business!

How will I know if I am a Finalist?

We will send you an email indicating that you are a finalist and also announce it on social media! Be sure to check the email for directions on what else the team may need from you!

How do I upload my video?

On the second page of the application, there will be a section in which you can place the URL to your video. You can upload your video to Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc as long as we can view the link on the application.

What if my video is not 60 seconds?

We will NOT consider applications with videos that are longer than 60 seconds. If you have additional information you would like us to know, be sure to write it on your application and/or participate in Power Move Mondays every week. If your video is shorter than 60 seconds, we will still review and consider that application.

What if I do not have an LLC or other legal business entity?

The application deadline is November 15, 2021; therefore, your business needs to be a LLC, S Corp, or other legal business entity by that deadline. 

How do I know if I qualify?

To qualify you need to be 18 or older, be a woman and/or identify as such, have a legal business, be a US citizen with the business based in the US, and have yearly revenue under 5 million dollars!

Do I have to give up equity in my business?

Absolutely not! The $5,000 will be awarded with the only stipulation being that the Power Move Marketing needs to approve what the funds are used for. 

How many winners will there be?

As it stands right now, only one winner will be selected! If you know a donor who would be interested in helping grow the fund so that we can select multiple winners, please contact

How will the winner be chosen? What is the criteria?

This is the very first year of the Power Move Women in Business Search so we have no previous criteria that we are building from. Our team of business experts will carefully review each application that meets the requirements and choose finalists that will be announced December 1, 2021. We are looking for strong, independent women who are thought-leaders, active members in their community, and have the entrepreneurial bug!

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