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Make 2018 COUNT with these

Top 5 online business ideas

We're a non-profit that empowers young problem solvers and supports projects, ideas, and objective for business minded entrepreneurs. 

#1 Online Bookkeeping - Less than $500

There are many small businesses in need of bookkeeping services. Starting a small accounting business requires minimum amounts of investment and just a few tools. Google Sheets, Google Drive, and maybe even a Quickbooks subscriptions will put you in the right place to manage your clients' finances.

#2 Home Repair Website - Less than $1,000

This is ideal for individuals living in suburban areas. The average household needs 20-30 repairs each year and have the budget to do so. What is missing in the market is an easy way to request this service. WIth a clean website that is mobile friendly, you can create a web form or questionnaire that allows homeowners to request a specific repair. And if you want to get fancy, include a little calculator that adds up their check boxes to provide them with an estimate.

#3 Social Media Management - Less than $200

If you understand how how to operate in the modern online world of social media, you may want to consider starting a social media management business. In today’s competitive market, companies are relying heavily on making some buzz online in order to drive more traffic to their business. This has created endless opportunities for young entrepreneurs. All you need to hit the ground running is a computer and a hard working mindset.

#3 Computer Training Courses - Less than $300

With a simple website and easy to navigate curriculum, you're in the running to build a course for, typically older, beginners in the desktop computer world. Whether you decide to teach through videos or PDF training manuals, make sure to plan your educational content far before your release to allow you time to revise & implement into your website.

#4 College Tutoring Service - Less than $200

"It's already finals week!?"

Many college students struggle in subjects from math to marketing. What is your passion and are you able to communicate it in a way that will help a student? With screen sharing tools & appointment organizers, tutoring students across the country is made much easier.

#5 Event Planner Consulting - Less than $200

This is another classic Google Sheets, Google Drive, & solid social pages. Get in front of upcoming birthdays, weddings, and all other events you can make amazing. Use resources within reach and keep it lean and low in overhead costs.

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